Math-Physics Speaker Series Instalment 3

On Monday, November 15, Dr. Ben Newling joined us to present his talk titled, "Sweet, sweet music". Dr. Ben Newling is a physics professor at UNB and he does research in the MRI Centre. Over 30 physics and mathematics enthusiasts joined us to listen to the talk.

Maggie Lawrence, a fourth year physics student at UNB, wrote the following summary for his talk.

"Dr. Newling gave a presentation on what is best described as the physics of music. Beginning with an explanation of what makes a sound wave, Dr. Newling went on to describe what forms a note and a pitch from a physics perspective, then spoke about how the brain prefers to hear harmonic series in its notes and will even fill in parts of a series on its own. The talk then moved on to musical instrument design, explaining how wind instruments create different sounds by having their lengths adjusted. Dr. Newling described an experiment performed at UNB to image the air flow in a recorder using MRI, and showed how the shape of the recorder affects air flow to create edge tones. The talk ended with a brief introduction to normal modes, and how they can be supressed or emphasized in percussion instruments by the way they are played. Overall it was an engaging talk that included singing, instrument demonstrations, some simple mathematics, and physical acoustics, perfect for a wide range of audiences."

Join us on Monday, November 29, for the last instalment of our Math-Physics Speaker Series for this term. Dr. Jayachandran will be presenting his talk, "Monitoring the Arctic Ionosphere

– Research and Applications". Details can be found here.


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