Surviving Online School

The new academic year is just two days away, and with it come the normal feelings of starting a new year, such as anxiety, curiosity, and excitement. Due to the pandemic, however, your reaction to going back to school may have changed -- and that's okay. The UNB Math Society is here calm your nerves and help you make the best out of the new normal. Here are five tips on how to survive online school.

  1. Dedicate a Place to Study Whether it be your kitchen table, a desk, or an office, dedicate a place where you can study and work on assignments without being interrupted. Make sure that your study space has good lighting, and is free from distractions. Keep only essentials such as stationery, your laptop and/or tablet, a small snack and water.

  2. Take note of all Important Dates in Your Syllabi Once your class pages have opened on D2L, read through each syllabus, and take note of important dates, such as tests/quizzes, assignments, projects, etc. Also, look through UNB’s academic calendar and take note of dates that are important to you such as course add/drop dates and holidays. Keep these dates somewhere you can find easily, like in an electronic calendar or a physical planner.

  3. Establish a Set Routine It is very important to have a sleeping schedule. A few days before school starts, try to wake up earlier and go to sleep earlier. This will help you get into the “school mode” easier. Try to "attend" all your classes at their pre-arranged lecture times, and block-out designated times for studying.

  4. Participate in Lectures Although you'll be taking most, if not all, your courses online, it is still important to engage in class. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to your professor and your peers. Also, ask questions during or after lectures if you don’t understand something, or need clarification. Chances are, someone else was wondering the same thing!

  5. Take Breaks Lastly, take breaks! After studying hard, your brain deserves a rest. Try taking a walk, listening to some music, or putting on your favourite podcast. Whatever you enjoy doing, now is the time to do it. It will feel so rewarding.

- Vanessa :)


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